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      Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020

      Six strangers share a fabulous house in Tokyo, looking for love while living under the same roof. With no script, what happens next is all up to them.
      Starring:You, Reina Triendl, Yoshimi Tokui
      Watch all you want.

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      Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020


      Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020

      Watch We're Back in Tokyo. Episode 1 of Season 1.

      The members gather at their new house in Setagaya. Aged 20 to 31, with jobs from illustrator to actor, their time living together begins now.

      Watch Tempura Incident. Episode 2 of Season 1.

      Haruka asks Kenji for a guitar lesson and they promise to hang out on the weekend. Some of the members discuss their dreams over drinks at home.

      Watch Dreamed of Her. Episode 3 of Season 1.

      Though Ruka and Risako go out for pancakes and a movie, Ruka isn't sure if it counts as a date. But when Ruka gets a fever, Risako takes care of him.

      Watch I Want to Be a Hero. Episode 4 of Season 1.

      After Haruka picks up her guitar in Harajuku, Ruka gives her a ride back to the house. While playing cards together, Risako and Ruka make a wager.

      Watch Reiwa!!. Episode 5 of Season 1.

      The house rings in the Reiwa era. Ruka gives Risako a ride to parkour practice, Haruka enters a drag race, and Kaori and Kenji go out for burgers.

      Watch The Grass is Greener on the Other Side. Episode 6 of Season 1.

      Haruka and Ruka go on a date; over a steak dinner, she asks him what he thinks of Risako. It seems that romance is on everyone's mind.

      Watch Woman to Treat and Woman to Split the Check. Episode 7 of Season 1.

      The atmosphere gets a little strained as Haruka and Risako find it difficult to talk to one another. They know they're both interested in Kenji.

      Watch Passive Boys. Episode 8 of Season 1.

      The ladies of the house go to lunch together, where they agree that the guys' passivity is unsatisfying. That night, Risako tells Ruka and Shohei.

      Watch Girlfight. Episode 9 of Season 1.

      Both Risako and Haruka declare that they're interested in Kenji, which leads to a serious late-night argument. Later, Kenji hears about it all.

      Watch The Boy That Gets Treated. Episode 10 of Season 1.

      Haruka and Shohei attend a festival to hear Kenji and Terrace House alum Yusuke perform. The members prepare a surprise birthday party for Kenji.

      Watch Broccoli Pasta, Carbonara-Style. Episode 11 of Season 1.

      Kaori admits that she's losing confidence in her artistic abilities, but Kenji isn't very supportive. Ruka talks about his dreams, but he lacks focus.

      Watch Always Chillin'. Episode 12 of Season 1.

      The night of her birthday party, Kaori and Ruka talk for a long time. Kenji tells Shohei he's got feelings for Risako, and he's planning to tell her.

      Watch All or Nothing. Episode 13 of Season 2.

      The weather is stormy, but Kenji and Risako head out for a beach date and Kenji confesses his feelings. NBA star Rui Hachimura stops by the studio.

      Watch Just a Moment, Please. Episode 14 of Season 2.

      Kaori meets with a friend to talk about her art and her feelings for Shohei. The night of Kenji's farewell party, Risako makes a surprising decision.

      Watch A Man's Worth is Determined By His Job. Episode 15 of Season 2.

      In an action acting class, Shohei and Haruka do pretty good in their fight scenes, but Ruka fails to shine. Two new members arrive in the house.

      Watch Orange Flavor First Kiss. Episode 16 of Season 2.

      Peppe and Haruka have drinks on the roof one night and talk about his relationship history. The members use the house pool for the first time.

      Watch This Is Not a Place to Slack. Episode 17 of Season 2.

      Peppe invites Emika to go to the beach after playing video games with Haruka. Ruka applies for a new job, then asks Emika out on a drive.

      Watch Bros Before Hoes. Episode 18 of Season 2.

      Emika and Peppe take their trip to Zushi beach. After a night swim, Shohei tells Ruka about a big decision before heading out the next morning.

      Watch The Stray Sheep. Episode 19 of Season 2.

      Emika and Ryo hit it off during their baseball outing, while Peppe and Haruka enjoy an afternoon playing Pokémon Go. Housecleaning is in the air.

      Watch The Third Flower. Episode 20 of Season 2.

      Kaori makes a shocking announcement, and an outgoing new house member smashes in and makes waves. The girls gossip about the boys.

      Watch Too Shy Girl. Episode 21 of Season 2.

      Change is in the air as the members bond with the new arrival. Energetic Hana is love-struck by Ryo, while Emika reveals she's hanging out with Ruka.

      Watch Tip Off. Episode 22 of Season 2.

      Peppe makes progress on his manga; Emika and Haruka discuss their insecurities. Hana gets jealous of Emika after they both cheer on Ryo at his game.

      Watch Friendship Between Men and Women. Episode 23 of Season 2.

      Tensions rise in the house when Hana has her long-awaited date with Ryo. Emika worries about her future prospects both professionally and in love.

      Watch Pink Rose. Episode 24 of Season 2.

      After an intense encounter, Emika makes a stand. Peppe and Haruka go on their long-awaited date, but nerves and other priorities get in the way.

      Watch The Girls Can't Do It. Episode 25 of Season 3.

      Athlete Yusuke Tamuara joins as a studio guest, and Haruka gives Peppe her answer. After Ruka makes a special dinner, he gives a speech in English.

      Watch Internationalization at Once. Episode 26 of Season 3.

      Friendships are never forgotten as Peppe takes his next step. The house takes on a more international feel as three new members arrive.

      Watch I Can't Be Here. Episode 27 of Season 3.

      Members new and old get to know each other. Hana gets serious when Ryo returns home with an injury, and the housemates throw a Halloween party.

      Watch Starving for Affection. Episode 28 of Season 3.

      Kai offers Hana some emotional support as Ryo and Vivi grow closer. Tupas reveals more about himself to his housemates.

      Watch About Love. Episode 29 of Season 3.

      Comedian Chiemi Buruzon joins the studio. Kai works on his next routine, while Hana seeks advice from friends and the girls go on the offense for love.

      Watch Not Guilty. Episode 30 of Season 3.

      Tupas treats Emika to a movie and dinner, and the female members go to Kai's standup show. Awkward encounters ensue between Hana, Vivi and Ryo.

      Watch Publicity Stunt. Episode 31 of Season 3.

      Actor Eiichiro Funakoshi joins the studio. Hana reaches out to a sick Kai; Vivi dispenses some harsh advice and Ryo continues to send mixed signals.

      Watch I Hate You. Episode 32 of Season 3.

      The members go out for dinner together and Ryo shares some upsetting news. Later, he discusses his feelings honestly, and Vivi makes one last stand.

      Watch Half Blue. Episode 33 of Season 3.

      Emika tells Hana about her decision before her romantic date with Tupas. Kai and Hana bond, and attractive new tenant Toshiyuki joins the house.

      Watch Case of The Bottled Beer Incident. Episode 34 of Season 3.

      Tupas and Emika leave the house, and new members Yume and Shion arrive. Toshiyuki goes on offense to get closer with each of the female members.

      Watch The Monster in the Hallway. Episode 35 of Season 3.

      Vivi tries to make plans for Christmas with Ryo, but when it doesn't work out, Toshiyuki tests his prospects. The house gets into the holiday spirit.

      Watch Angel. Episode 36 of Season 3.

      Toshiyuki and Yume go on a passionate date, but Yume is hesitant about the next steps. Kai gets some advice and the members ring in the new year.

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